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PDFA Christmas Party December 19th, 2014

Lunch discussion with Dr. Shai D. Silberberg NINDS Program Director

Date: December 1, 2014

Time: 12:00~13:00

Location: BSI Central Building 1F Seminar Room

Recent publications and meetings have focused on the observation that published research results are often not reproducible. There are many possible causes for this problem, but poor experimental design and inadequate reporting of research methodologies appear to be significant contributing factors. Dr. Silberberg has headed efforts to address these issues.

We can benefit from hearing and discussing with him to improve our research value and quality.

We can provide a lunch box for you if you email your name to us at bsipdfa@brain.riken.jp by Nov 27 (Thr).

BSI PDFA-GRO Collaborative Discovery Evening

Discovery Evening is an event for participants in the International

Program Associate (IPA), Junior Research Associate (JRA), Foreign

Postdoctoral Researcher (FPR) and Special Postdoctoral Researcher

(SPDR) programs, but anybody is welcome to join The purpose of this

event is to encourage communication and create a starting point for a

new and vigorous network of fresh young minds that can lead to potential

collaborations and lifetime friendships. Each event features

presentations on individual research and a mingler that allows all

participants to get to know each other, learn about the topics others

are pursuing, and exchange ideas.

Date: October 10, 2014 (Friday)

Venue: Brain Science Institute Central Building 1F, Wako campus

Mingler Fee: FREE


15:45-            Registration

16:00-16:05    Introduction of PDFA

16:05-16:15    Introduction of RIKEN’s programs for Junior Scientists

16:15-17:15    Dr. Yuki Goda "Probing the intricacies of neuronal communication at synapses"

17:15-17:45    Dr. John Ormond "Spatial coding in the rodent hippocampus"

18:00-18:30    Poster Session @ Ito lounge

18:30-             Mingler with food and drink @ Ito lounge

Please register as soon as possible and indicate there

whether you want to present a poster.


July 2014

BSI PDFA welcomes new committee members who joined following Operation: Recruit!

April 2014

We hosted Dr. George Paxinos, author of the rat and mouse brain atlases used worldwide, for an informal lunch discussion about establishing fruitful collaborations and the path he took to map the different areas of the brain in various model organisms! Thank Dr. Paxinos!

March 2014

The WiSe UP Symposium on March 28, 2014 was a great success! Students from some local high schools and universities were in attendance along with many RIKEN researchers to find out about the great research several guest female scientists are doing in Japan and learn more about the issue of diversity in science.

February 2014

After meeting with our director and discussing with him the need for BSI researchers to have opportunities to attain teaching experience in order to receive a more comprehensive postdoctoral training, we have received his approval on the proposal and the BSI PDFA Program has officially started! Please visit the Teaching Program page for further information!

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